The Dream Team

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them,
and it will change your life.”

~ Amy Poehler

  • Bernice.jpg

    Bernice Raabis

    Founder of Dance the Medicine, Dance Church and Ecstatic Dance International

    British Columbia, Canada

  • Renée.jpg

    Renée Lacroix

    Founder Ecstatic Dance UK

    Organizer, Facilitator & DJ

    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Alex.jpg

    Alex Sevilla

    Resident DJ Ecstatic Dance Madrid & Templo del Baile Madrid

    Madrid, Spain

  • Esta.jpg

    Esta Polyesta

    Ecstatic Dance Netherlands

    Organizer, Facilitator & DJ

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Cristina Elena Ciobanu

    Personal Assistant & Organizer

    Dance The Medicine


  • Mayra.jpg

    Mayra Hernández

    Founder Ecstatic Dance Colombia

    Singer-songwriter, Facilitator & DJ (La May)
    Bogotá, Colombia

  • Amrit Dhillon

    Founder Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee

    Facilitator & DJ (Amritaji)

    Salt Lake City, USA

  • Steve Anderson

    Founder Ecstatic Dance Bristol

    Organizer, Facilitator & DJ (OSARA)

     Bristol, UK

  • Richard.jpeg

    Richard Batts

    Founder Ecstatic Life

    Organizer, Facilitator & DJ

    London, UK

  • Fabio.jpg

    Fabio Freddi

    Founder Ecstatic Dance Italy

    Organizer, Facilitator & DJ (Ronin)


  • Coby.jpg

    Coby Geertsma van Tilburg

    Co-Founder Dansklooster

    Organizer, Facilitator & DJ

    Alkmaar, Netherlands

  • Sabino.jpg

    Sabino Soares

    Founder Ecstatic Dance Faro & Lagos

    Organizer, Facilitator & DJ

     Faro, Portugal

  • Tim.jpg

    Tim Sae Koo

    Marketing & Strategy Advisor

    Dance The Medicine

    Digital nomad

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