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Dance The Medicine

Ecstatic Dance is an emerging global phenomenon. Conscious dance practices are quickly becoming as common as yoga. There is an undeniable movement sweeping the globe in which we are reclaiming dance as our medicine.

Dance The Medicine Anthem - DJ Ronin

Conscious Dance Trainings

The Dance the Medicine team is an international collective of DJs, event organizers and conscious dance facilitators who teach with wisdom gathered from real life experience. You will learn from both our successes and our mistakes.

Ireland • Sept 1st - Sept 7th, 2024 

Ecstatic DJ School 2024 •


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Ecstatic Dance Retreat Embercombe UK Devon

Our team will help you merge the skills you already possess, with the new skills you seek so that you may build the conscious dance community you have dreamed of creating

Ecstatic DJ Training

DJ Training

Embodied Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training

Conscious Dance Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Become a part of the Global Dance Revolution!

Our students say:

I just finished the DJ training with DTM; having experienced such a wonderfully supportive container, I knew I had to continue learning with them. The Leadership Training was filled with so much wisdom and goodness. It was a journey imbued with ceremony, beauty and ritual, all in a well thought out flow. It strengthened my foundation to launch my dance projects! Any of Dance The Medicine's offerings will set you off with an enriched toolbox and a heart full of joy and warmth for everything shared.

•Venetia Clarke, Wales 

Conscious Dance Leadership Training 

DTM DJ School 


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