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Ecstatic Dance International Ecstatic DJ Training Zmar Algarve Portugal April 2019
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Conscious Dance Trainings

Dance The Medicine offers training in the 3 areas of expertise needed to hold a successful conscious dance event. Whether you seek to improve your DJ skills, become an embodied facilitator or understand entrepreneurial know-how and how to apply it, we have a training for you!


Entrepreneurial training for conscious dance leaders. Administrative requirements can often be the most challenging aspect of getting a dance up and running.

Venue negotiation, budget projections and hiring team members can be daunting tasks for artistic types. We offer practical skills and guidance to ground your dance in a solid business model.


Well contained conscious dances are facilitated by a 'spaceholder' or 'ceremony leader' whose responsibility it is to act as guide and witness. This role is both practical and existential.

Whether your personal facilitation style or modality is spiritually-based, body-based or therapeutic, our training methods will give you confidence to guide dancers into the dance somatically.

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Musical training for aspiring

Ecstatic DJs and conscious dance facilitators who want to increase their capacity to work magic with the music.

Using a step-by-step method we cover all the necessary technical and theoretical skills you need to become a DJ.

 Can't wait for the next Training?

You have two options:

Book a Private Coaching Session OR Take an On-Demand Course

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Do you know you want to get involved with conscious dance but aren't sure how? Are you an ecstatic DJ struggling with a tech issue and in need of help? Or perhaps a dance facilitator who needs new ideas to get dancers engaged? Or an entrepreneur, ready to start up a community and in search of guidance from someone with years of experience? If so a personalized private session might be right for you.


Each member of the DTM Team has their own realm of expertise, including teaching style and/or languages spoken. Whether you want to work in person or online we have a team member who can help.

1-on-1 Coaching


On-Demand Training

Would you prefer to learn from us step-by-step while following the DTM curriculum one module at a time? Is the next training date just too far away? You have the choice to start right now! We record our trainings and then break the curriculum down into videos, presentations and printable pdfs so that you can then take our course on Thinkific. 


Once you purchase the course we will send you a PDF of the training manual and workbook so you can have it printed. This allows you to learn in your own time, at your own pace without missing out on any of the info

we have to deliver.

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