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Richard Batts Ecstatic Dance UK DJ Facilitator Organiser

Richard Batts

Co-Founder of Ecstatic Dance UK
Event Organiser, Facilitator & DJ

After over a decade in corporate construction as a successful project manager, Richard left it all behind 2 years ago in pursuit of his dreams, following his heart and feet to bring music and movement to London and beyond. He believes both when combined in a conscious dance practice have the power to transform and to heal, both the individual and collective.


Straight off of the building site Richard impressed the community by selling out his first two very special live Ecstatic dance events, which was both a testimony to the quality of the events as well as the behind the scenes marketing and preparation that went into them. Not content with producing beautiful events alone Richard embarked on fulfilling his longtime dream of becoming a DJ and then playing out at his favourite Ecstatic dance, EDUK'S Sunday morning sessions. He went on to manage these events and continues to to do.


Just weeks after commencing the above he started his very own weekly collaborative event with EDUK, that's been a huge success, taking his old loves of London nightlife and the rave scene to the sunset lit Ecstatic Dance floor.

Richard prides himself on his love of the world's finest electronic and eclectic music and in his set creation, that has quickly made him a keen favourite amongst the London dance community. He also has a penchant for connecting with others and bringing people together with his infectious spirit and a passion for dance and people, that just keeps growing alongside the projects.


Richard is available for DJing, collaboration in event production, whether they be one offs or regular events, retreats, workshops or festivals. He is also available for one-to-one DJ and Ecstatic journey creation tuition in London or via Zoom and is open to create magic and bring music and dance through expansive events to the masses all over the globe.

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