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Nadine Wildwood

 Ecstatic DJ & Dance Facilitator/Event Organizer, Sound Facilitator, Yoga Instructor • Graphic designer & Assistant at DTM

Nadine Wildwood stepped towards deepening her exploration of music & movement as a healing modality in 2015.  She has been working alongside DTM’s founder, Bernice Raabis, since 2021; where they have hosted regular dance events such as Dance Church, Dance Mission and other collaborations within their community.   

Nadine has a deep core belief that when we are creative we access the current of natural healing.  When we express through music and movement, we open the channels for the current of life to flow through us which can ultimately lead to the connection with ourselves and others.

Having completed DTM’s Leadership, Dance Facilitator and Ecstatic DJ trainings, she now works and assists the growing DTM team and continues to expand her knowledge and experience in the realm of Ecstatic and Conscious Dance.

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