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Iona McNiel

DJ, Dance Facilitator, Event Organizer & Founder of Ecstatic Playground London

In her passionate journey to foster authentic and embodied connections between people,  Iona has sculpted a vibrant path steeped in dance and community engagement. This path became intertwined with dance more significantly in 2018 when she participated in the Ecstatic DJ Training in Portugal, followed by the Online Dance Facilitator Training. Her belief in the transformative power of dance, not only as a tool for self-development, but also community building, solidified during her Dance Movement Psychotherapy studies at Goldsmiths University.

During the pandemic, Iona's creativity combined with her resilience led her to host a series of online dance events and from the confines of kitchens, bedrooms, and gardens, people globally found comfort in her uplifting tunes and vivacious personality. Her vibrant sessions, ranging from Morning Gloryville's popular sober raves to 'Pop-up boogie' parties, even earned her a spot on a BBC News segment discussing her notable Madonna zoom party.

As the world gradually embraced normalcy, Iona founded Ecstatic Playground, a lively conscious dance event renowned for its playful twists and authentic connections. As a beloved facilitator of Ecstatic Dance, Authentic Relating, and Embodied Games, she now conducts a range of workshops at esteemed festivals like Wilderness. Moreover, she contributes her nick for creating connection and spreading joy through dance as a special guest at the DTM Dance Facilitator Training.

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