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Fabio Freddi DJ Ronin Milan Italy

Fabio Freddi

Founder of Ecstatic Dance Italy and DJ Ronin

My name is Fabio. I worked professionally as DJRonin for more then a decade. I began my career as a a turntablist, scratching and beat juggling while competing international scratch competitions and touring with Italian hip hop artists. Eventually I had an awakening when I realized the truth of the heart of music, the transformational power of sound and rhythm. I decided to end my career as a DJ and instead deepen this insight. I studied transpersonal psychology and shamanism. Now I finding a way to blend all of my skills together in a new phase of my life! I blend this new vision and my technics to organize, facilitate and DJ in Conscious and Ecstatic Dances.

I offer my passion to bring a meditative and a transpersonal vision into music and djing, I offer to accompany the evolved dj/musician, helping them to discover their intuitive and technical wisdom as a method of personal growth. I offer one on one or group sessions in order to empower djing skills. I am an asset in group setting as a transpersonal counsellor and facilitator of Biotransergetics, a new integral discipline that operate to realize our true self. I would love to join your team at retreats and events. Please contact me!

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