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Etienne Claverie

(DJ John La Note) • Ecstatic DJ • Professional Facilitator • Founder of Ecstatic Dance Haute Alsace • Agile Coach

From a young age, Étienne nurtured a profound connection to the performing arts, immersing himself in various theatre groups that dotted his formative years. Yet, he yearned for more embodiment and found his way into the realms of Conscious Dance in 2016 through Contact Improvisation jams in Basel, Switzerland. Shortly after, he entered the portal of Ecstatic Dance and was hooked.

This newfound sanctuary of Ecstatic Dance fascinated him, a space where he could furiously dance on Saturday evening, yet go to sleep sober and grounded, and rise the next day completely energised. This embodied revelation inspired him, and three years later, he started hosting Ecstatic Dance sessions himself.

A significant milestone on this journey was joining the DTM Conscious Dance Leadership Training, where he drew inspiration and knowledge from Bernice and her seasoned team. He has since founded Ecstatic Dance Haute Alsace in France and DJ-ed in Alsace, France, and in numerous dances across Europe and as far as California.

When Bernice transitioned the DTM Trainings online in 2021, Etienne played a vital role, assisting them in the tech realm and gradually evolving into a teaching role. He is now a valued member of the DTM team, ready to share his experiences and insights, echoing the guidance he once received.

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