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Clémentine Casafina

(Coco Fandango) • Conscious DJ, Event Curator & Facilitator 

Introducing the multifaceted Clémentine Casafina, aka Coco Fandango, is a unique DJ, Event Curator, and Facilitator, believing in using adversity as a creative catalyst and fun as an empowering motivator. Clementine's magic stems from her ability to spark the inner child in all of us, creating safe spaces for shedding inhibitions and remembering that life is an eternal learning journey.


From an early age, dance practices served as a vital emotional outlet for Clémentine, transforming her bedroom into a place of self-expression. This passion ultimately led her to the vibrant Ecstatic Dance scene in London and later inspired a pivotal life change - trading her urban hospital job to lead transformational retreats in Costa Rica, Europe and online.

Clémentine's offerings extend beyond DJ-ing and facilitating dances; she also leads mindfulness workshops, sharing circles, breathwork classes, and cacao ceremonies. Always eager to expand her expertise, she turned to DTM, graduating from both the DJ Training and Dance Facilitator Training programs. Today, she proudly serves as a DJ mentor, sharing her rich experiences and unique approach with others on their own journeys.

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