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Grant Rawlinson

DJ & Dance Facilitator • Manager & Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance UK 

Grant has spent his entire life immersed in music studios, which allowed him the privilege of working alongside some of his favourite artists, including Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons, and George Michael, as well as the enigmatic Tricky. However, over time, working in the music industry began to take its toll, leaving Grant feeling exhausted and in need of a change to preserve his health. He found himself increasingly physically stiff and turned to dancing for self-development and to break through the constraints of his own ego.  

His extensive background in music made the transition to DJing quite easy. Yet, it was the role of a facilitator, embedded in this new journey, that truly captured Grant’s heart and pushed him to deeper levels of personal work than ever before.

This shift has been immensely special for Grant. The combination of dance and embodiment practices has been transformative, enabling him to work on himself in profound ways and, most importantly, to reclaim himself. His journey is still in progress, but he confidently calls himself a dancer. 

Overall, Grant's unique blend of musical expertise and personal dance journey equips him to teach dance facilitation with a deep understanding of rhythm and movement. His one-on-one DJ lessons not only share his rich musical knowledge but also inspire a love for dance, making him an exceptional guide in the world of dance facilitation.

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