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Renée Lacroix facilitating Ecstatic Dance retreat Embercombe UK

Renée Lacroix

Founder Ecstatic Dance UK, Founder Ecstatic Experiences (Producer, Facilitator & DJ)

French-Canadian by birth and Londoner by adoption, Renée is a passion-led serial entrepreneur. She started businesses in the fashion and food industry before launching Ecstatic Dance UK in London. After encountering Buddhism and establishing a daily meditation practice, she discovered conscious dancing in 2015 through 5 Rhythms. Her vision is to make Ecstatic Dance more accessible and mainstream by hosting welcoming and inclusive events that appeal to a wider audience. In addition to being an Ecstatic Dance producer and facilitator, she also found her vocation through DJing.

Renée offers business mentoring and consultancy to budding conscious dance entrepreneurs. With an attendance of over 100 dancers at her first four events, she knows how to quickly build a successful community. From venue hunting to marketing to working with DJs and building a strong team, she can equip you with all the tools you need to produce a high-quality event that will leave a positive mark on your dancers.

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