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Steve Anderson OSARA DJ Ecstatic Dance Bristol

Steve Anderson

Founder and Facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Bristol, Ecstatic Dance DJ (OSARA)

Taking influence from underground dance music, tribal drumming and sacred sound, OSARA creates deep, powerful and uplifting dance journeys inspired by the wisdom of Mother Nature and the healing power of dance! Every journey he creates is totally unique and is inspired by the spirit of time, community and place.

He has a residency at Ecstatic Dance UK (London) and Ecstatic Dance Bristol. He is an apprentice with the School of Movement Medicine.

OSARA offers one to one DJ tutorials and mentoring (vinyl or digital) for any budding DJs in any style including Ecstatic Dance / conscious dance DJs. The tutorials will offer everything you need to get started from beginner-friendly technical skills to how to craft transformative dance journeys. He also offers event production mentoring and consultancy.

Please get in touch for further info and to arrange a free consultation.

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