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Mikaela Mae

DTM Social Media Manager & Grant Writer, Forest Therapy Guide, DJ

Mikaela grew up immersed in the competitive dance world, but she was always the one who could never seem to stay within the box’s of ballet, jazz, and contemporary. Little did she know, she was always having ecstatic dance parties alone in her bedroom, and she never knew conscious dance was a practice until she joined the dance community on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada.


Magically, she found Dance The Medicine and joined the DJ training in 2021. Now Mikaela is the one behind DTM on social media, and she is so grateful to be able to help more people connect with Dance The Medicine!

Currently, she is sharing on our socials from Japan, but she is always moving and loves to experience new lands.


Outside of Dance The Medicine, Mikaela is inspired to combine the therapeutic nature of conscious dance, with her deep love of nature immersion and forest bathing.

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