Esta Polyesta

Manager of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam and DJ Esta Polyesta

Promoter/Event Producer of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam from the Netherlands.

From Amsterdam, Esta Polyesta is one of the most well known Ecstatic Dance DJ’s and Ceremony leaders in Europe. Her travel bags have not been in storage since Summer 2017.

In the last 12 months Esta completed an Ecstatic Dance tour in the USA. Performed regularly as a resident at The Source in Arambol. Played many festivals and retreats and in the spring joined the Team to support the Ecstatic Dance DJ Training in Odemira, Portugal.

Her music style is flowing and adventurous, with smooth transitions which blend ethnic, world and ancestral music with delicious with beats. Acoustic or electronic, fast or slow, break beats or steady, ancient or modern, Esta Polyesta weaves it together!

Esta is not only a DJ but a music producer, remixing tracks for Kaya Project and other Womex Festival artists. One of her tracks was included on a Buddha Bar Release and Radio Monte Carlo’s Cosmopolis Release.

Recently Esta took the reigns at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam as event producer and promoter. Actively working to build Ecstatic Dance in the Netherlands by collaborating with other Ecstatic Dance promoters in her own country and beyond.

Esta says that the best parts of her job as a DJ coach is being paid to listen to music! Esta works via Skype and in person with DJ clients. She can help you with Dj skills as well as analyzing sets to let know what is working and what is not. Fluent in both English and Dutch. Contact her to set up a meeting if you want to work with one of the best Dj coaches in Europe.

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