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Cristina Ciobanu Canada

Cristina Elena Ciobanu

Personal Assistant and Organizer at Dance the Medicine

Born in Romania, Cristina combines talent, kindness, respect, tenacity and intuition to create and share magic. Organized, reliable, persuasive and outgoing, she trained herself to become a mindful customer service guru as she is consistently delivering the highest quality care in her many fields of work.
A hard working truth seeker, Cristina is known for her upbeat but highly diligent nature. She prides herself on her ability to multitask, learn quickly and solve problems with ease, all while maintaining a calm and peaceful demeanour. She possesses a deep passion for arts, languages and meaningful human interactions, and loves bringing people together in a playful and joyful vibe.
Her mission is to bring together, beat by beat, a first Ecstatic Dance community in her hometown. Being conscious that the change starts with ourselves, Cristina is currently working on creating a space where to bring mindful thinking and actions into practice. A co-creating space where the community can come together, share and unleash their creativity through movement, no-waste programs, crafting workshops, plant based diets and medicine, empowerment mentoring and so much more.
With an addiction to traveling and an attitude of fun, she is a true inspiration for those around her.
If you're looking for a manager, event producer assistant, a skilled fire dancer, or just want to know more about her personal projects, contact Cristina.

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