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Coby facilitator DJ dance organiser

Coby Geertsma-Van Tilburg

Co-Founder & Event producer, ceremony leader & DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Alkmaar. Co-owner and Retreat Facilitator @Dansklooster

Coby has been a teacher from the age of 15. She has become specialized in how we can learn best. Using multiple intelligences, TPR and Bloom’s taxonomy, she knows we all learn in a different way and we all need something else to embody the knowledge and learn different skills. She designed her own methodology for teaching. At this moment she is a Humanistic, Philosophic, Ethical and worldview teacher for primary school children. She is a true out-of-the-box woman. She has a slightly autistic brain and is down to earth and patient which makes her authentic, sensitive and honest.

She started as a primary school teacher, moved in 2006 to Bristol for three years with her husband and son and became a massage therapist. During the massage training there where 2 life changing moments, she danced her first 5 Rhytms class and she learned in person how important it is to meet students where they are and move on from that point. This all brought her to conscious dance and her way of teaching.

She is an experienced retreat- and Ecstatic Dance facilitator & DJ, holder of the labyrinth and is one of the directors of Dansklooster. Since 2012 they organise different retreats during the whole year at different venues. The key words are dance, mindfulness, awareness and most of all an eye for beauty. She organizes big and small Ecstatic’s (15-100 dancers). Coby and her team are really proud of the small events, because there is group of dancers who don’t like to dance in a big venue and are filled with gratitude to dance in the small churches or venues. There are a few Ecstatic’s for parents and children in the Netherlands and Coby organizes one of them. She also helps out different dance organizations with setting up a conscious dance event. In the past, she was one of the organizers of the second international Contact Improvisation Festival. As a DJ she is on a mission to find her own signature, her unique way of DJ-ing. At this moment she calls it her Lyrical Dynamical Ecstatic Dance journey. Dreaming, Sharing, Dancing and Exploring.

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