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Bernice Raabis teaching DJ Training Portugal

Bernice Raabis

Founder of Dance the Medicine, Dance Church and Ecstatic Dance International

Bernice Raabis is on a mission to infect the world with conscious dance. She is a DJ, a conscious dance facilitator, an expressive arts therapist, a teacher and the mother of 4 daughters. Her Ecstatic Dance career began in 2011 when she founded Dance Church, a beloved weekly dance in Nelson, BC, Canada. In 2017, the international scene called her out of her little mountain town as she co-founded Ecstatic Dance International and created their Ecstatic DJ Training. She now spends her time travelling the world teaching DJ skills, event organization and embodied leadership trainings for budding conscious/Ecstatic Dance Leaders. The icing on the cake is that she gets to play epic tracks for epic dancers at conscious dances all over the world while travelling to promote the work of her team!

Bernice offers:

• DJ Skills Coaching

• Conscious Dance Event Coaching

• Embodied Facilitation Coaching

• Relational Somatic Coaching

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