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Amrit Dhillon Amritaji Ecstatic Dance Salt Lake City DJ yogi

Amrit Dhillon

Founder of Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee. Sound Tech and Resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance SLC

Amritaji (Amrit Dhillon) has been spinning psychedelic worldbeat and bass music since 2007. Coming from her roots in psytrance, she has been playing at electronic music events, festivals and Ecstatic Dances around the world for over a decade. Her unique style of weaving the traditional music of Eastern and indigenous cultures with electronic bass and dance music started with her love for sonic-induced states of trance after practicing traditional Sanskrit Kirtan when she was in high school. Amrit also has been practicing yoga since 2009, and became a certified teacher in 2013. Her music weaves sacred mantras and vibration into electronic music, the same vibrations of the Naad (Sacred Sound Current) that is used in her yoga classes. Amrit also holds a Mastery certification in Tantric healing practices from TantraNova Institute.

A lifelong musician, Amritaji is passionate about blending traditional and modern music, giving her audiences a distinct sonic experience of deep bass lines, Eastern melodies and uplifting grooves. Her passion is for creating sacred dance journeys to offer a sonic space for healing, free and authentic expression, and fun! She regularly performs in Salt Lake City, across the US and internationally.

Amritaji founded Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee in 2016. She currently lives in Salt Lake City, where she is a resident DJ and DJ trainer at Ecstatic Dance Salt Lake City. She is an international DJ trainer with Dance The Medicine, and an ambassador for Ecstatic Dance Records.

With over a decade of experience, Amrit offers one-on-one private DJ lessons, specializing in Traktor software and Native Instruments products. She offers classes remotely and in person. She is available to collaborate and DJ live for workshops in Tantra, yoga and conscious dance. She also offers custom pre-recorded commissioned DJ sets for various events and workshops. Additionally, she is available to teach group and one-on-one classes in yoga and Tantra.

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